Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things happen

Most days are continuation of  the life you experience the day before but sometimes an event or maybe  person comes along that interrupts that life you know so well. So either you deal with them quickly and get back to that life or you have to change the life you have known. One night you’re walking out to the car and look up to sky to see an usual object moving along quietly and quickly. It is a circle bright lights with red light in middle. It rotates as it passes over you taking a zip-zap path across the sky. You have no answers just question. Nor is any chance of getting answers for the evident only happens once and you left wondering, aliens, military aircraft, advertising balloon or what? There is little to check out, neither the military or aliens want to talk about it and if someone lost advertising balloon then it won’t make the local paper anymore than if their road sign blew over.

So you have see a UFO? So what, lights in the sky nothing more for you no trail to follow no evidence left behind, you had no way to follow it, so you are left with a bunch of questions and a very active imagination for you are human that what humans do. Fill in the blankets with colorful details so the emptiness doesn’t stare back at us too much for on the hold we hate emptiness. If your life is busy then the lights fade into a distance memory of something odd but not important. However your life is something you want to escape then the lights become a ship of dreams that will take away the pain if they would just come back and take you with them.

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