Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bumps in the night

You ask the average American if they believe in ghost and the answer is no. No proof exist that something paranormal is  going bump in the night.  Yes there can  be unexplained things going bump but does that mean they are paranormal? You have to be able to prove it is paranormal before you can call it paranormal. If you can’t explain it then you just can’t explain it. It doesn’t automatically make it paranormal. When you have rule out all things that are possible then it must be the impossible, do you know all things? What happens if someone comes with the answer that you couldn’t see?

There are no fancy detectors to pick up ghost because we no examples of ghosts to be measure. They have no physical characters, other the claims of something that sounds like footsteps or shadow passing by. Is there any solid evidence about Ghost? EVP on any recorder can be radio waves being ever so slightly being pick up my the motherboard of the recorder. No proof exist and people have be looking since the nineteen century. What do we have to show for it? Nothing.

Pictures that are just like images of Jesus on toast, unfortunately no one ask how do you know it’s Jesus since we have no idea what he looks like. It is all the imagination of the viewer. Nothing solid in video or photos exist all we have are bunch of people running around in the dark, letting their imagination run wild or giving credence to something that they can’t explain at the moment that could be explain maybe later by more knowledgeable people.

You can’t go in with the assumption that ghost are real. No find a way of testing for ghost and find proof they are real. You need a location where ghost appears again and again. Where all outside influence can be cut off. Then work on measuring this ghost, how steps it take or distance travel, does it change, long does stay, see if it interacts with anything and many more questions. If it only last a second and never happens again then does make it paranormal or just something you miss in you process of elimination of outside influences.

No it is never easy then again if is real then there should be some solid evidence by now. Especially in this age of every one having a camera or video camera on them. Something more solid should exist than blurry images that need more imagination that sight to see the ghost.  

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