Thursday, July 19, 2012

Getting the job with the Colonel

I had just finished my breakfast and started wondering what I would do on this the second month of my retirement. To be honest I was bored. The first month had been the vacation I had promise myself for the last three years but nothing had come of it. Once I sold my business and made a very nice profit, yeah girls it kind of money you want a guy to have in his pocket, lots. I took a tour of wine country, several wine counties then a cruise then backpacking trip then plan another cruise when I decided to hell with it.
I wanted to do something I had never done before that was settle down. My old business kept me traveling so much that I could honestly say I didn't have a home but a job with a place slept at sometime. No I figured I needed a real home, place where I can hang my hat or hats in my case. Something inside me told me that didn't want the big city life anymore that I needed some country air and green grass with plenty of room to walk around. A friend told me he had a house I could borrow or buy if I wanted it.
After moving in, I knew this is place I wanted to be. It had all basic comforts and necessities. It did lack one thing, well I lack one thing. Something to do, I play with the idea of photography. No problem getting the equipment or learning to be an artist with a camera and photo editing. The new Canon Camera that filmed in 4K was out. It came with the build in all in one lens that would let me do portraits to wildlife. Adobe  made software that would help select just the right frame to work on to turn into a picture and the tool to edit it. Even though it would be fun, I still felt like I'll be missing something.
So that morning I sat at the tablet starring at the camera and wondering what to photograph today or wondering if I should if find something else to do. When a video call came for me from the DOD from Colonel Blackwell. It had been years since I had serve my country, in fact over ten. So I was natural puzzled and curious about what a full bird colonel would want with me. So I pick it up.
A young woman in her twenty met my eyes, she couldn't be more than twenty-five. She is wearing the standard field camouflage uniform of the Special Forces but even in the uniform she was exceptionally beautiful and well built. Her short black hair framed her face nicely making her soulful brown eyes look almost completely black an alluring with sharp angles of face suggest a native American background.
"You are Captain Archie Goldman?" Her voice came out with silky smoothness of milk chocolate.
"Yes I am, you are you?" I try to keep my voice normal even though with much excellence beauty before it prove hard not to be excited.
"I am T'Pal, I am the aide to Colonel Blackwell. The Colonel will is putting a team together in your area. According to your file, you served for a while with NCIS as an investigator. Is that correct." She had a slight smile on her face that warm my heart.
"Yeah I work with them for four years before I decide to leave the serve?"
"According to this your were discharged then reenlisted continue working has a corporal. Is that right?" She gave a puzzle look that made her look even more lovely, something I thought was not possible.
"What can I say, I mess up but they let me come back to my old job and keep working."  I gave her my best school boy charm.
"I'll check with the Colonel on whether to reactivate has a corporal or captain. Welcome back, you are here by order to report to Colonel Blackwell at the location I'll be sending you." She smiles at me then try to sign off.
"Wait a minute, I'm out of the service." It surprise me that I'm yelling at her.
"You're being call back in has part of the reserve, General Anderson will have the orders cut and send to you by this afternoon. Welcome back to Corp, Captain Goldman." She smiles once more and nods then was gone.

Captain Archie Goldman statement on being reactivated.

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